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Attention to Detail (Devil In the Details, God in the Granular)

There are a multitude of things that surround us daily that make up our lives holistically, but are we analyzing these things (thoughts, decisions, relationships, consumption) to the point of bringing us closer to God...or are slowly drifting away from the shoreline of our kinship with Christ. Join us today as we dialogue about about what's grabbing our attention, and challenge our discernment in challenging the details we embrace daily.

Key Concepts

1 Kings 11

Psalms 90

Matthew 4:1-11

Genesis 2

James 4:14

The Threshing Floor

Trust in the process can be difficult. But it is the process that highlights the separation that is needed for us to grow, learn, and understand the direction God has in store for us. Being vulnerable to the unknown can be daunting. What perhaps is more daunting may be the detriment as a result of not developing. Listen in as we talk about throwing our lives on the threshing floor before God.

Key Concepts

Genesis 50:10

Judges 6:36-38

Ruth 3

John 3 

Matthew 3

God’s Green Thumb

God prepares to prepare us. Today we will discuss God's cultivation and what we should do as children of God to allow that growth to manifest. Let's explore what God's word has instore for us and how we can foster the growth we seek through the glory of God.

Key Concepts

Genesis 2:4-15

Matthew 13

Team of Teams

Insatiable Habits

Everyone can relate to investing there time, efforts, and passions into habits, elements, and lifestyles that prove unfruitful and unfulfilling. Today we will talk conceptual about the nature of insatiable 

Key Concepts

Matthew 25:26

2 Thessalonians 1:9

Matthew 13:50

2 Peter 2

Genesis 1:1-4

John 6:25-35

John 4

Spurious (Deep Fakes)

How do we navigate the ever increasing mirages of truth in todays world? Living our lives at the roots of where God is will allow us to decipher the difference between when God is moving and what is outside of God's calling. Join us as we look generally at the importance of attaching ourselves to the realness of who God is.

Key Concepts

Acts 8:9-13

Matthew 24:3-4

Colossians 2:8

Life Principle #10

Maybe GOD trying to get your attention so you be attentive to HIM...just saying.

Scripture: 2 Chronicles 20:12



Searching for purpose has always been a theme within humanity. From our personal lives to gurus to the movie screens it is a resounding touch point that we all can relate to globally. What is our purpose and what are we destined for. A the sense of fulfilling our cosmic callings is a questions that seems to weigh on everyone. Today we will explore that concept and see what the word says about this longing conundrum. Let's get it!

Key Concepts

Colossians 2:1-9

Matthew 5:14-15

Acts 9::13-15

1 Samuel 17:45-46



Are you hearing the word? Can you discern the voice of God amongst the global dissonance? We will explore broadly the dichotomy of knowing and relational intimacy when it comes to the word of God. And the inspiring faith that can be yielded from knowing Christ. Let's get it!

Key Concepts

Acts 9:1-19

Romans 10:17

Immovable God | Luke 6 Series Part III

Too many times we place our hopes, values, and dependence on things, people, and systems that will eventual pass away. Join us as we look at setting our lives on the bedrock of Gods word. Let's Get it.

Key Concepts

Luke 6:46-49

Honoring GOD

We can honor, or put emphasis on, so many things and leave GOD out, let's talk about that.

Verse: 1 Samuel 2:29-30

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