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Life in the Relationship

Could it be that the meaning of Life lies in the relationship? With all going on, how should we view all that we are connected to and how important God is above the midst of everything that challenges us daily?

Key Concepts

Genesis 1

Genesis 2

Ephesians 5:25

Colossians 3:18-19

Matthew 5:27-30

Matthew 5:43

Matthew 22:34-40


Obedience Opens Provision

In the midst of scarcity God can provide the substance to sustain. Have you been pointing to your circumstance or allowing God to point the direction to the provision the is needed in your life?

Key Concepts

1 Kings 17

Life Principle #6

Wednesday Word, we know we reap what we sow, but what are we sowing?

Favor is Divine (Grace)

Have you humbled your heart to the gift that is given daily? The unmerited gift that extends beyond holidays, beyond tradition, and beyond law. A gift given and governed from God's divine position and has been given since the birth of Humanity....have you recognized the grace of God.

Key Concepts

Genesis 6:5-8

Luke 1:26-30

Isaiah 61

Luke 4:14-21

Ephesians 2:8*


God is Always Working | Gimme 5

Pastor Danny Cox takes 5 minutes to emphasize the importance on listening to the Lord. As a western society that choses to work tirelessly around the clock, have you taken the time to sit and listen to what God wants you to hear? God wants to open doors in your life! Open the captive cells that have oppressed you to this point. Come into the strongholds that have made a way out seem impossible and fill your life with the love, peace, and joy that God is. Life transforming power that only rest in the God's Holy Spirt. Can you give me 5 minutes. And this 5 minutes may change your life!

Key Concepts

Act 16:23

The Bread

God's desire will always achieve its intended purpose. What God sends out will not come up void. Just as got sent the "Bread" that we may have life, so what His intended purpose for your life become fulfilled as we walk & live in Christ. 

Key Concepts

Isaiah 55:8-11

Thanksgiving Proclamation | Give Me Five

Danny shares one of the most historic speeches given by our first United States President George Washington. Washington presents a Thanksgiving proclamation that showcases where our hearts should be not only on this holiday but everyday. Take a listen as we dial on to a little bit of History and a lot of what God is to all.

Proclamation Link:

“I’ll Tell You When I Get Back!”

"We don't know what we'll find when we get there, but we'll be sure to let you know when we get back!"

We don't know always know the outcome of ventures that we undertake but have faith in God that can take us there! Do allow your circumstance diminish what Christ can produce from it. Walk in God's calling for your life and don't look back!


What Holds Value?

Value inherently comes with a cost and it cost Christ everything that you may have life in Him. What are you willing to pay? Is God everything in your life or is everything else worth the expense of your life?

Key Concepts

Matthew 13:44-46

Isaiah 53

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